X-Link® TPU Data

The Benefits of X-Link TPUs and X-Link TPEs in the Oil and Gas Industry

Different Polymer Material Groups:

Linear Polymers or Thermoplastic Polymers

(Ex.: Water Bottles, Plastic Jars, Toys, etc.)


Branched Chain Polymers or Branched Thermoplastic Polymers

(Ex.: TPU Swim fins, )


Cross-Linked Polymers or Two Part Cast Urethanes

(Ex.: Skateboard Wheels, Seals  )

X-Link Polymers TPUs / TPEs

X-Link  Polymers are processed like Linear Polymers in injection molding and extrusion equipment but due to the base chemistry of the polymer and postcuring at 250 F° to grow the cross-link chains in the polymers, they exhibit mechanical properties as good or better than traditional two part cast polymers.


X-Link  Polymers have:

  • Higher Heat Deflection (Up to 450 F°)
  • Better Abrasion Properties
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

Oil and Gas Applications

Current Applications:

  • Snap-On Sucker Rod Guide used in Artificial Lift Pumps
  • Cone Packing used in Artificial Lift Well Heads

Future Application:

  • Down Hole Well Seals (Heat Deflection up to 400 F° / longer life)
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps and Motor Elastomer Material
  • Well Drilling Centralizer Fins