PriPro Polymers

PriPro’s X-Link Cross-Linked Materials
Have a World Full of Product Applications

Oil Industry - Omni-Wheels - Squeegee Blade -
Skateboard Wheels - Caster Wheels - Golf Ball Covers

PriPro X-Link Oil Industry Products

Patented X-Link® Material removes hazardous Methane
emissions while greatly increasing product longevity.

PriPro OmniWheels
PriPro X-Link Omni-Wheels for Omni-Vehicles

PriPro developed a particular X-Link® polymer material for this
application which has proven to deliver the best adhesion

Pripro SqueegeeBlades
PriPro X-Link Squeegee Blades

PriPro's Cross Linked materials give the best abrasion resistance and sliding performance for
Window Tinting and Car Wrap applicators compared to those made with conventional materials.

PriProGolfBall Covers
PriPro Polymers
X-Linked Golf Ball Covers

Because the cross-linked material is economical and exceptionally durable,
PriPro's X-Link® material is an excellent choice for golf ball covers.

PriPro Skateboard Wheels
PriPro X-Link Skateboard Industry Products

Patented X-Link® Material allows for longer life
and less wear on our skateboard wheels.

PriPro Polymers
X-Linked Outer Shoe Sole

PriPro cross-linked softer urethanes for better grip. The cross-linking
also helps to provide better cut and tear resistance.

PriPro OmniWheels
Pripro SqueegeeBlades
PriProGolfBall Covers
PriPro Skateboard Wheels
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With our family of X-Link  TPU Materials, PriPro can take your idea from concept, to prototype, to full-scale production. We have done this for all our customers.

Welcome to PriPro Polymers Corporation

The World Leader in Injection Moldable/Extrudable Cross-Linked Polymers TPU and TPE

PriPro Polymers Corporation creates polymeric chemistries for customers through science and innovation. We enable our customers to meet the current and future needs of their industry by analyzing every application to develop better products at a competitive price. With our patented cross-linking technology called X-Link® we make and deliver durable polymers and products. Our polymers are environmentally safe and user friendly, compared to traditional Castable Urethane systems. We research one polymer application at a time and develop the best possible cross-linkable material for that application. Most polymeric material can be cross linked with our patented technology to enhance their performance.


Better Then Castable Urethane – Xlink Urethane Parts
If you are looking for High Production Volume Urethane Parts with out Air Bubbles / Air Voids and Great Mechanical Properties you should look at Xlink Urethane Parts by PriPro Polymers.  PriPro Polymers injection molded Xlink TPU Parts that have Better Mechanical Properties Then Castable Urethane Parts.

PriPro Polymers Xlink Urethane Molded Parts take on the tuffies applications and part cosmetics. We currently make parts for the Oil and Gas Extraction Industries, Wheels for Military Vehicles, Squeegee Blades with Sharp Edges for Car Tinting / Car Wraps and Composite Material Layups, and many more applications.


Taking Your Polymer Products to New Heights