Our Team

Pijush Dewanjee: President, PriPro Polymers, Inc.

Polymer Chemist/Scientist and Materials Development Manager specializing in custom formulations for TPUs, TPEs, Epoxies, PVC (Plastisol), Rubber and other Engineered Polymers.

Patents: 61 U.S. Patents, 15 International Patents, and 18 U.S. Patents Pending, all in Thermoplastic and Castable Urethanes Development.

Publications: 2 publications with ASAIO (American Society of Artificial Internal Organ) on Polyurethane Catheters and Hollow Fiber Membrane Oxygenetor (1989-1990).

Education: Double Majored (B.S.) in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering and Material Science Department, Minneapolis


John Guard: Vice President, PriPro Polymers, Inc.

Mechanical Design Engineer specializing in Design For Manufacturability with extensive experience in Production Design, Machine Design, Process Development,
Manufacturability, and Six-Sigma philosophy.

Patents: 24 U.S. Patents and 5 U.S. Patents Pending, all in Mechanical Design and Design For Manufacturing.

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University, S.D., CA (1993)