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We are all about Tougher, Stronger, Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Urethane and other Engineered Polymers

PriPro Polymers, Inc., a leader in specialty polymers, including the production of X-Link TPU (cross linked thermos plastic polyurethanes). This patented product line is highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and heat, and lasts far longer than standard polyurethanes. Applications include agricultural heavy equipment, specialty vehicles (omni-directional wheels), oil and chemical industrial equipment, and mining.

“PriPro’s X-Link family of TPU’s and other polymers are a game changer for cross linked materials “, said Pijush Dewanjee (PJ), President and Chief Chemical Engineer at PriPro. “These new lines of Cross-Linkable Polymers give the end user better mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance, heat deflection and chemical resistance with the cost cutting benefits of injection molding. Traditional Cross-Linking materials are manufactured in an open cast system requiring typically dozens of aluminum tools and lots of hands on operations. With an X-Link injection molding operation, the production can become completely automated and without any porosity in the parts being produced,” added Dewanjee.

In addition to the industrial applications for the X-Link Urethanes, the Action Sport market has also been receptive to products produced from this material, namely skateboard wheels. PriPro markets the wheels under its “BetterSk8 Wheels and Kontrol Wheels” divisions to many private label brands and the cruiser wheels are gaining market share with amateur and professional skaters in Australia, Canada, USA and in many parts of Europe. The Kontrol line of wheels provide superior flat spot resistance without sacrificing the rebound needed to perform aerial skate tricks demanded by today’s action sport athletes.

PriPro Polymers is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers, urethanes and other plastic products required by industry and consumer markets. Located in Fallbrook, California, PriPro incorporates leading-edge research and development to meet the specific needs of our customer’s applications.